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Drive Smart is a different kind of driving company. During your ride home, we focus as much on the service as we do on the drive. Anyone can get you home in your car, but are you always comfortable having anyone drive your car? Would you feel safe with anyone driving you home? Our drivers are the difference. They're well groomed, well mannered, and friendly.

You shouldn't have to worry about the ride home, and with us you won't.

Go have some fun, call us when you're done. 

Welcome To Drive Smart!


Drive Smart is a designated driving service that will send a driver to you who will drive you home in your vehicle. A great alternative to taking a taxi to and from an event where alcohol is being served, Drive Smart allows you to drive your vehicle where you are going and will send a driver to take you and your car back home at the end of the night. 


How To Use Our Service


1. Whether you’re going to a dinner party, the golf course or out to a pub, head there in your vehicle

2. When it’s time to leave, or if you’ve decided what time you’d like to leave, give us a call at 250-661-0181

3. Two friendly drivers will arrive at your location. One will drive you home in your car and the other will follow behind to pick the driver up

How Much Does This Cost?


Our rates are $24.50 for the first kilometre, then $2.52 per additional kilometre.

prices include GST, fare may not be exactly as shown

Want to pre-order?

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